107% + stretch goal for the remaining 24 hours: The Pacifiers Magazine!

We made it!

Wow, what a day it’s been! Half way through it we hit 100% funding! As I’m writing this we’re at 107%! We’re THIS happy now:

YOU made this happen! Thank you so much! I would like to send flowers to each one of you who supported this campaign, but I didn’t take that into consideration when laying down the budget… So, instead I’m looking forward to stop spamming everyone on social forums and focus on the actual work of making comics, and designing the awesome merchandise you’ll be expecting.

I promise to keep you updated about the work with plenty of doodles and sketches and other “behind the scenes” material. Now you’re part of this project, and we’ll want to include you all the way!

Once again I’d like to point out that the estimated delivery date for the 80 kr pledge level and above – the PDF of the first three Pacifiers comics – is wrong. I have to make the comics before I can make a PDF out of them! This was a beginners mistake (my first Kickstarter campaign you know), and I couldn’t change it once the campaign had launched. The estimated delivery of that reward is the same as the others, i.e. around Christmas.

Stretch goal: The Pacifiers Magazine

Here’s a crazy idea for the remaining 24 hours: Let’s add a stretch goal! Several people asked me about a printed version of The Pacifiers Comic. We reasoned that we’ll get to that once we have five or six full length adventures. Then we’ll print the first proper Pacifiers comic book, and maybe we’ll have another go at Kickstarter to try to fund it. But what the hey, why not throw in a printed version of The Pacifiers now already?

Here’s the deal: If we can reach 75 000 kr before the end of the campaign (tomorrow night), we’ll print a Pacifiers comics magazine featuring the same material as the PDF. There is something about holding a magazine in your hands, that a web comic – no matter how awesome it is – simply can’t compete with. Everyone who pledged 150 kr (the stickers level) and above will get the magazine as a bonus!

This magazine will be super exclusive! It’ll never get printed again. Next print will be the first Pacifiers book, so the magazine will be a real collector’s edition! So, if you pledged 150 kr or above already, you’ll get this extra exclusive reward for free! And if you’re currently below 150 kr and you REALLY would like that magazine, all you have to do is to increase your pledge. And hopefully, new backers will be thrilled about getting two rewards for the price of one.

However, if we don’t reach the stretch goal, we’ll still be THIS happy:

Thank you, thank you, and thank You!

Peace, love and pacifiers

If you haven’t done so already, please back our Kickstarter campaign and help us pacify the Bullies of the world! 24 hours to go!


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