Andreas Qassim’s Animation Showreel 1999-2010

I’ve been meaning to do this for a looong time. The reason I finally managed to unplug my thumb is the Animwork’s 3d character animation course starting next month. Even if I get in I will probably not attend, because of financial and practical difficulties. But it’d sure be cool, with guest lecturers from Pixar and everything. If for nothing else, I assembled my reel that will hopefully land me an animation job or two in the future. And I got to learn some rudimentary stuff in Premiere and After Effects in the process. Cool programs indeed. Please cross your fingers for me, or show me the way to the rainbow connection (buried treasure).

Kalinken is © Kenneth Hamberg.

Svingelskogen is © Monica Forsberg.

Bamse is © Rune Andréasson, and these particular clips are © Junior Productions and Fritidsresor.

Daydream is © The Lovin’ Spoonful.

The rest is © Andreas Qassim.

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