Andreas Qassim’s Showreel 2013

I’ve assembled a new showreel. Thank you Niklas Ström for your awesome music!

Andreas Qassim’s Showreel 2013 from Andreas Qassim on Vimeo.

Music by Niklas Ström

Cykelsuperstier – infomercial for web, Animationsbyrån 2012
Design, Storyboard, Animation

Citylogistik – infomercial for web, Animationsbyrån 2011
Design, Storyboard, Animation

Bamse och Tjuvstaden – feature film, Sluggerfilm 2012-2013
Character Design, Layouts
© Rune Andréasson, Tre Vänner, Sluggerfilm

Fritidsresor’s Bamse Show – animated backdrops to charter resort live show, Junior Productions 2009
© Rune Andréasson

Stinkfly Stan – personal project 2008
Design, Animation

3D Character Animation – Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark 2010
Modeling, Storyboard, Animation
© Jim Henson

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