BBB plays LatinSwing @ Malmöfestivalen

Bobbe Big Band plays at Malmöfestivalen, Saturday from 10 pm (22.00) to midnight and beyond. The place is Swingtältet (The Swing Tent), which you’ll find at Södertull, entrance free of charge of course! We have some great guest stars: Ola Åkerman and Ola Nordquist on trombones, Niklas Fredin on trumpet and song, and Ralph Berger Torres on more percussion instruments than you can name. BBBs LatinSwing concerto also features singer CJ Lennartsson, our smooth singing friend from the All That Jazz concerts. We’ll give you a sneak peak of this autumn’s big BBB concert project, in which CJ will interpret pop and rock classics.


This poster – probably the greatest BBB ever had – was made by Alfred Gunnarsson. Check out his blog and portfolio at Salmiak Media. He made it for the first time we played the concert, in April at Babel in Malmö. Two of the organisers of Malmöfestivalen were in the audience and offered us to play in Swingtältet. Welcome to the party on Saturday!

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