Pimped Dialogue Clip for Reel

My 3D showreel is almost there. This is the final clip to be refurbished. It came from a two week dialogue course with veteran Pixar animator Rich Quade. Rich was Directing Animator on Toy Story, and he animated on Toy Story 3, which will be out any day now in Sweden (can’t wait!). The voice of the clip belongs to Vincent Gallo from the movie Buffalo 66. The refurbished version includes polishing of the facial expressions, adding surfaces and lights to the scene, and further developing the escaped convict’s dialogue partner…

Escaped Convict from Andreas Qassim on Vimeo.

Pimped acting clip for reel

Here’s another freshened up clip for the reel. The result of a 2 week silent acting course with Disney/Dreamworks animator Eric Schmidt.

Going to Work from Andreas Qassim on Vimeo.

The assignment was A) to invent a character and a simple story. I came up with this musician, a triangle player, going to work. B) to have a safe suddenly drop from above (“magic if”). How would the character react in this given circumstance? The lesson to be learned here was that you really have to know your character (how old is he, where does he live, what is he doing, why is he doing it, what does he like, what does he hate etc.) in order to know how to animate him.

Reel Work

I’ve been spending the last week freshing up some 3D exercises from this spring’s character animation course in Viborg. The goal is to put together a nice looking reel that I can use to apply for animation jobs. I’ve been polishing the animation and working out how to make some simple yet nice renders. First to go was the quintessential animation exercise, the boxlift. Can you feel the weight?

Hogan lifting a box from Andreas Qassim on Vimeo.