With this piece of Nintendo humor (we love to make jokes about the things we love, right?) I’m actually applying for jobs at a number of game magazines. Are there perhaps magazines outside Sweden that would want to publish cartoons such as these? Please let me know if you know! And keep your fingers crossed for me that someone wants to pay me for my efforts! :)

1207mario copy_blogsize.jpg

For once, I’ll let you know what the Swedish text says: “After 10 hours of Super Mario Galaxy, Mario makes a sensational discovery”.


Nytt Lundaspex: Lincoln


I just started work on some illustrations for the theater program booklet of the latest Lundaspex production, LINCOLN. The premiere will be 30 November, so I’ve got about two weeks to finish my drawings before the booklet needs to be printed.

1107steka_rov copy_small.jpg

I got the idea to try to make them like MAD parody drawings. I just bought the book “MAD about Star Wars”, a book that inspired me more than anything lately (just imagine if you could draw like Mort Drucker!). If you come back here during the following two weeks I’ll let you see how the work progresses. You need to be able to read Swedish of course…