Big Time Swing!

Last year, Bobbe Big Band turned 10 years. To celebrate this, we recorded and released our first album called Big Time Swing!


I caricatured our amazing solo singers Marie Nagenius and Carl-Johan Killeslätt, as well as our musical director (and dear friend) Robin “Bobbe” Hellström. I wanted a “retro feel” to this cover, to go with the swing music. The inspiration comes from cartoons of the 50s, whereas the actual music is mainly from the 30s and 40s, so it’s entirely wrong actually. :)

The reason the cover looks cool is entirely thanks to Alfred Beckman (another dear friend) and his bold graphic design. He picked the colors, designed our logo, designed the title and so on. As always, working with Alfred lifts the whole thing to heights that wouldn’t have been reached otherwise. Nice work man!

In fact, thanks to the cool cover (and the music), our CD is now sold through the hippest store of the hip, HepCat. There are still some copies left, so if you want a great swing record to dance to, go ahead and order your copy of Big Time Swing from HepCat!


Yet another dear friend, Ted Johansson, shot the band picture. It’s from a concert with Swedish guitar legend Janne Schaffer last year. Thanks Ted for all your great pictures from that concert!


Being part of this group has brought me so much joy and great musical experiences through the years. I’m looking forward to celebrating 20 years with you guys. Thanks!

Mamma 70

Min mamma fyller 70! Hon utbildade sig till sjuksköterska på 60-talet och jobbade under större delen av sitt yrkesliv som vårdlärare. För två år sedan fyllde hennes sambo Krister 70 och jag gjorde då ett Biggles-inspirerat porträtt av honom. Redan då började jag fundera på hur jag skulle återge min mamma när det blev hennes tur. Så här blev det:

never trust a smiling nurse

Idén kom från en turkos mysdress hon fick av en avgångsklass på vårdskolan. “Never trust a smiling nurse” stod det på den (en klassiker i vår familj). Både Krister och mamma är födda under kriget, så det fick det bli en krigs-sjuksköterska. Men en stridspilot från första världskriget och en sjuksköterska från andra? I krig och kärlek kan allt hända…

Så här hänger tavlorna tillsammans:


Grattis mamma! Du är bäst!

ⓒ Andreas Qassim

Krister 70

Min mammas sambo Krister fyller 70! Han är intresserad av gamla flygplan och läste Biggles när han var ung, så jag gjorde ett porträtt av honom som Biggles. Han flyger en brittisk Sopwith Camel och har precis skjutit ner en tysk Fokker Eindecker. Grattis Krister!

ⓒ Andreas Qassim

More masks!

Guess what? I’ve got a patron! Her name is Emma Agering. She bought the Buster Keaton mask I made for the comics festival in Malmö last year.

buster keaton_blog

Emma wanted two more masks, and in a weak moment I said yes. That was like January. Then poor Emma had to wait and wait and wait. When she framed the Keaton mask, put it on her wall next to two LARGE empty spaces, photographed it and mms:ed it to me, that’s probably when I got my thumb out and sat down to finally do the work.


These are A1 drawings, a mixture of ink and 4B pencil. Hurtful for the back to draw that large, but the three of them will make quite an impact together.


It was a while ago since I did caricatures. They aren’t that distorted perhaps, but at least they are exaggerated, and I guess that’s what caricature is about. Can you see who they are?

Thank you Emma and Helen for wanting these masks! Can’t wait to come and see them IRL!

I Seriernas Värld: Seriemaskerad

färdig mask blog

I’ve been busy lately with several projects for the upcoming Malmö Comics Festival I Seriernas Värld. One of these is the mask exhibition at Teknikens och Sjöfartens hus (26 Oct-22 Nov), where a group of professional comic artists will exhibit their masks. I handed mine in today (at least one hour prior to deadline!).

It’s supposed to be a somewhat distorted mask of Buster Keaton. My thoughts behind this is that I always wished I was a better storyteller. To be so you need to be able to keep your cool, to have a poker face. Especially when you want to tell a funny story. Buster Keaton was a very funny man, in spite of being known as “the stone face”, or maybe because of it, I’m not sure. So instead of loosing out to four year olds in “the angry game”, like I do, I wish I was as cool and funny as Buster Keaton…

And these were the sketches leading up to the finished piece:

ung buster blog

Young Buster of the 20s or so. Wasn’t he somewhat reminiscent of The Spirit?

gammal buster blog

Old Buster, as he appeared in the 60s.

förvrängd buster blog

Good ol’ Buster after having been squeezed through my twisted mind.

The finished piece is enormous, like A1. I loved working in this large format again. Long time ago. Notice how it completely fills up my drawing table, to the extent that I had to turn it 90 degrees. After two days work, my back is but a shadow of its former self…

färdig mask på ritbord blog

And now for the very best part of this project: If you happen to be 11-14 years of age, you can participate in a mask workshop 26-30 Oct (at Teknikens och Sjöfartens hus) that will be headed by me and Mia Widén, a great artist, graphic designer and creator of comics. By pure coincidence she happens to be from the same little village as me (Sandsbro, 5 km outside Växjö). Participants get two hours to create their own mask that will be part of the exhibition!

The finished exhibition with all the masks (there will be at least a hundred of them) opens Fri 30 Oct. It’s going to be cool. Don’t miss it!