Illustration: taking a new turn

Looking for a new direction in the way I illustrate. Some recent examples:



Two ways of telling a patient he or she suffers from a fatal disease. Illustrations for a lecture at Palliative Centre Lund, part of Region Skåne. Commissioned by Kolossal AB.




Potential sources of conflicts in and around the summer house. 1) Your Mother in law stays too long, 2) A parent is excited about spending some weeks at the countryside whereas the teenage kids rather would’ve stayed in town, 3) one partner wants peace and quite to work on the house whereas the other wants to socialize with guests. Allt om Fritidshus, Bonnier Tidskrifter.

Summer jobs

Vacation is just one day away, so I thought I’d share a couple of illustration jobs I did recently, before I’m off to foreign lands.


Text by Emma Agering. Loosing vital information through careless handling of unsecure usb-sticks is a big problem for companies worldwide. That’s why Blockmaster AB invented the Safestick Secure USB Drive! The illustration will be used for customer Powerpoint presentations, but you can also see the illustration on Safestick’s website, as well as requesting a free evaluation stick!


Ystad’s Allehanda is writing about two summer music festivals in the south of Sweden, Backafestivalen and Sommarrock Svedala, comparing the two. What guy would visit which festival in your opinion?

Hm, it’s raining outside my studio. I think I’ll just pack my bags and leave for sunnier latitudes. Au revoir and happy summer everyone!