ToughPigs – Muppet Fans Who Grew Up

toughpigsOne of the most informative and dedicated Muppet fan site I’ve ever come across is ToughPigs, for Muppet fans who grew up. The slogan is perhaps a bit misleading. I’d rather say Muppet fans who NEVER grew up. Or maybe I’m just speaking about myself…

ANYWAY, I let out a spontaneous WOKA WOKA yesterday when I got mail from Joe Hennes, co-owner, senior contributor, and editor of ToughPigs. They made a spot for my Muppet fan art! It’s great to see the pieces displayed as a whole like that. Makes me want to make more. More I say. More! And I’d love to make a whole exhibiton of Muppet fan art sometime.


Thanks a million to ToughPigs for featuring my work on your great site, and special thanks to Joe for your support and kind words!

Having fun with the muppets

A cartoonist needs to have some fun every now and then. For no particular reason. When I want to have fun I always return to the muppets. I’ve been discussing starting up a Nordic muppet fan art blog together with a Norwegian colleague. Sorry Norway, but there’s only one possible character to host such a noble project…

While enjoying myself shamelessly making this picture, I also wanted to learn some new techniques. One was trying to mimick a water color effect digitally. Not sure I succeeded, but I quite like the texture I achieved in the clouds.


Another technique was importing patterns into cartoon artwork. Never knew how to do that before (it was really easy!). Neither did I know how to give the muppets a furry texture. I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of ways to do it better, but I think my method at least works. This would be my cover for a Muppet Show story featuring the chef. He’s been awarded a price for outstanding achievements in the muppet kitchen (against all odds!), now getting ready for the ceremony.

I would love to draw the muppets professionally at some point. I was really inspired by Roger Langridge’s Muppet Show Comic Books, and some of the other muppet titles from Boom Studios. I also got my hands on the Gilchrist brothers’ first collection of 80’s Muppets strips recently. That REALLY made my day. Digital coloring is great, but nothing beats a well drawn, well inked strip in glorious black and white.