Exhibition: Arab Children’s Comics!

Since the first Facebook-comment on the last post was in English, I’ll switch back once more to being international. Bear with me oh ye Swedish readers.

The exhibitions at Malmö Stadsbiblioteket opened officially on Sunday. A recorder quintet from Malmö Kulturskola played for us and started appropriately with:

blockflöjtskvintett bamse

There were opening speeches by project leader Caroline Lund and chairman of Seriefrämjandet (main organizer of the festival) Fredrik Strömberg. The recorder quintet played baroque music while the guests mingled and stuffed their faces with snacks and cider. It was nice!

I introduced the exhibitions to the great crowds of interested people (three of my closest friends and my girlfriend). I gave a special introduction to the Arab children’s comics of course. Here’s the exhibited material in low-res:

Arabiska-Barnserier-01---5B-saghirThe Little Arab, by Qindil and Fawaz, © Al-Arabi As-Saghir (Kuwait)

Arabiska-Barnserier-02---10A-al-hijarThe Adventures of Antara, Zarqaa and Ashab, by al-Hijar, © Fikra (Jordan)

Arabiska-Barnserier-03---draculaDracula Wants to Die, by Qurah Bayt, © Al-Arabi As-Saghir (Kuwait)

(Only in the Rosengård exhibition)


Arabiska-Barnserier-05---9B-juha-seriesidaJuha the Funny Laugh maker, by al-Bari and Husni, © Dar al-Jayl (Libanon)


Arabiska-Barnserier-07---kahf-&-mughara2Kahf & Mughara, by Saad and Tawfiq, © Basim (Saudi Arabia)

Arabiska-Barnserier-10---2A-hawla-al-alamKaslan Jiddan, by Umar and Rahma, © Majid (United Arab Emirates)

Kaslan Jiddan is a classic character in Arab comics!


Arabiska-Barnserier-11---11B-al-batha-at-ta'ira2The Airplane Expedition, by Umar and Hijazi, © Majid (United Arab Emirates)

(Only in the Rosengård exhibition)

Arabiska-Barnserier-13---6F-reem-&-reemaReem & Reema, by Majaysh and Abod, © Basim (Saudi Arabia)


Arabiska-Barnserier-15---shamsa-&-dana2Shamsa & Dana, by Shafiq and Skahir, © Majid (United Arab Emirates)

One of my personal favorites from Majid magazine. Both style and contents are strange and unique. Another Arab classic!

Arabiska-Barnserier-16---6H-rada-kamil-cirkusThe Dream Circus, by Farah and Kamil, © Basim (Saudi Arabia)


Arabiska-Barnserier-18---takhayyal2Imagine if We Lived on the Moon, by Abd al-Aziz, © Basim (Saudi Arabia)


Arabiska-Barnserier-20---3B-tanabilat2Tanabilat al-Sibyan, by Ahmad Hijazi, © Ala’ ad-Din (Egypt)

Ahmad Hijazi is one of the most interesting creator of Arab comics. This spread is far from his greatest, but it was the only one I could find. His comics are clever, political and satiricial. A bit like the Simpsons, but Arab.

Arabiska-Barnserier-21---6E-tootaToota, by Fathi and Salih, © Basim (Saudi Arabia)

I’d like to point out that I didn’t ask the writers and artists for permission to exhibit these pieces of work. I sincerely hope you don’t mind, dear colleagues! That would have been impossible, given the tight time schedule and the fact that I’m doing this 100% voluntary on a zero budget. I’ve been very careful with writing your names and where the comics were published. I just wanted to present to the Swedes a small sample of the comics being produced in the Arab world. Inshallah the libraries will import more Arab comics after this. At the moment Basim is the only magazine available in Malmö.

Shukran jazilan to Muhammad Shennawy and Hischam Rahma for sending me some of the pages!


Shoqi Andreas Qassim

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