More masks!

Guess what? I’ve got a patron! Her name is Emma Agering. She bought the Buster Keaton mask I made for the comics festival in Malmö last year.

buster keaton_blog

Emma wanted two more masks, and in a weak moment I said yes. That was like January. Then poor Emma had to wait and wait and wait. When she framed the Keaton mask, put it on her wall next to two LARGE empty spaces, photographed it and mms:ed it to me, that’s probably when I got my thumb out and sat down to finally do the work.


These are A1 drawings, a mixture of ink and 4B pencil. Hurtful for the back to draw that large, but the three of them will make quite an impact together.


It was a while ago since I did caricatures. They aren’t that distorted perhaps, but at least they are exaggerated, and I guess that’s what caricature is about. Can you see who they are?

Thank you Emma and Helen for wanting these masks! Can’t wait to come and see them IRL!

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