New office, new beginning!


For me, the new year begun 1 Feb when I moved into my new office Södra Esplanaden, a creative studio right in the heart of Lund. Before SE there was a record store here called We love music. But for the Lund citizens the place is mostly known for its classic art gallery, Anders Tornberg Gallery. We’re opposite the cathedral, next to the bar Café Ariman. Convenient to have God and decadence at an arm lenght’s distance…


Lund’s cathedral, some years ago.

arimanContemporary Café Ariman.

In my new studio I will continue drawing bears, rabbits, turtles, muppets and what nots. Hopefully I’ll be animating too. I’m totally excited about my Södra Esplanaden colleagues, a creative and diverse group of graphic designers, illustrators, art directors, journalists, web designers, project leaders etc. As cartoonist and animator I’m kind of the wild card of the bunch (hopefully not the black sheep). The future looks promising. I believe this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

If you’re in the vicinity, drop by for a cup of coffee. I cleaned the coffee machine yesterday, so it’s good now. Visit Södra Esplanaden’s website (mostly in Swedish) if you want to know more:


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