That Trailer Voice

That Trailer Voice

If you watched The Pacifiers project video, did you notice that towering trailer voice in the beginning? I tried doing it myself, but I sucked! So I turned to my friend Johan Rünow for some good ol’ quality voice acting.

Johan is a stand-up comedian, designer and filmmaker. Someone technically skilled and funny at the same time, just what I needed! Not only did he record the voice, he helped me polish the project video with some nice filters, making it look better than it actually was. Thanks Johan!

I actually consulted Johan early on in the development of The Pacifiers, brainstorming ideas for episode premises. I particularly remember the Diaper Sniper one. Maybe we’ll get around to making that some day…

Here’s Mr Rünow in action in the closet:


Johan, what do you think of The Pacifiers? Is it funny?

J: – It is! I really like the idea and I’m very excited about upcoming episodes. We live in very dark times and a comic like this is very much needed now.

What would your dream episode with The Pacifiers be about?

J: – I would love to see them taking on as many racists as possible. And web trolls!

Who would you pacify if you could?

J: – Donald Trump and Putin.

The Real Pacifiers

Johan & Pato, the real Sven & Rodriguez

Ever wondered where I got the main characters of The Pacifiers from? From my childhood! Me, Johan & Pato started hanging out regularly when we became teenagers. When our peers started going to discos and get drunk, we spent our days playing computer games, Hero Quest, building spacecrafts out of snow and making weird movies. We were extremely immature, and we had a really good time. Here’s an action shot from the blockbuster hit The 3 Aliens:

For some reason, we always called Johan “Sven”. We called Pato hundreds of names, one of the funniest was “Rodriguez”. Here’s a short interview with these mighty Pacifiers:

How do you feel about being one of the main characters in The Pacifiers Comic?

J: – It feels great! I knew Andreas had been toying with the concept back and forth, but I didn’t expect it to take such epic proportions like this. I am truly honored to have inspired part of the main cast.

P: – Being part of my dear friend’s dream project is very flattering, and I feel extremely happy to have become immortalized in a medium I love!

What is it like having a friend interpreting you as a diaper kid on steroids?

J: – Honestly, I’m a bit nervous. You never know what sides your friends see that you’re not aware of yourself. I know the Pacifiers fight for good, so it’s probably going to be all right.

P: – Funny as heck! But then again, aren’t we all a Pacifier deep down in our hearts?

If The Pacifiers would make it big, and your character became famous, what would you do?

J: – Ahaha. I haven’t seen any royalty agreements anywhere, so I guess my life wouldn’t change that much. Best case I get 15 minutes of fame in some tabloid. Worst case I have to go hide in a mountain cabin.

P: – Feel pride for my friend Andreas. Also it would be a great thing to show the kids in the future.

Who would you pacify if you could?

J: – Sometimes I talk way too much when others know better so I could probably use one of those myself.

P: – The list is long and distinguished. There are dictators like Saleh, Kim Jong Un and Assad among others. Also Trump, The Kardashians and that little chihuahua I meet every so often when I take a walk with my dog Pluttas.

Los tres amigos in Gibraltar 2007. Thanks for being part of my life guys!

If you haven’t done so already, back The Pacifiers Comic on KICKSTARTER. 12 days to go!


Amazing first day for The Pacifiers Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter campaign for The Pacifiers has now been live for one day:
(You can reach the campaign page by clicking the “K” in the video player window below, once it’s playing)

And what a day it was! During the first 24 hours we managed to get 32 backers and 25% funding! We couldn’t have dreamed of reaching that far within a single day! AND we are now being featured as a Project We Love on Kickstarter! This means it will be easier for people outside our own networks to discover us.


We’ll be working hard to get the remaining 75% funded. The campaign ends on May 31. Keep spreading the word! We’re currently looking for ways of getting some media coverage (blogs, pods, magazines etc.). If you’ve got any hot tips for us on that, we’re all ears.

If you’re a backer of the campaign, there will be updates featuring some fun “behind the scenes” material (doodles & sketches, interviews, videos etc.), so make sure to check in every once in a while. And if we get funded, we’ll of course tell you everything about the work proceedings. This is an exciting time! Be part of it and ride with us!

Thanks, and have a great weekend!


The Pacifiers – pacifying the bullies of the world

I’ve started a brand new comics project called The Pacifiers, together with cartoonist and scriptwriter Jimmy Wallin. I’m going all in with this one. There’s an exciting Kickstarter campaign coming up in just a few days. Stay tuned!


Follow our heroes´ journey at The final strips of the first story will be posted on Friday and Tuesday. The cool website was built by Alfred Beckman, who’s also part of the team. Peace!

Big Time Swing!

Last year, Bobbe Big Band turned 10 years. To celebrate this, we recorded and released our first album called Big Time Swing!


I caricatured our amazing solo singers Marie Nagenius and Carl-Johan Killeslätt, as well as our musical director (and dear friend) Robin “Bobbe” Hellström. I wanted a “retro feel” to this cover, to go with the swing music. The inspiration comes from cartoons of the 50s, whereas the actual music is mainly from the 30s and 40s, so it’s entirely wrong actually. :)

The reason the cover looks cool is entirely thanks to Alfred Beckman (another dear friend) and his bold graphic design. He picked the colors, designed our logo, designed the title and so on. As always, working with Alfred lifts the whole thing to heights that wouldn’t have been reached otherwise. Nice work man!

In fact, thanks to the cool cover (and the music), our CD is now sold through the hippest store of the hip, HepCat. There are still some copies left, so if you want a great swing record to dance to, go ahead and order your copy of Big Time Swing from HepCat!


Yet another dear friend, Ted Johansson, shot the band picture. It’s from a concert with Swedish guitar legend Janne Schaffer last year. Thanks Ted for all your great pictures from that concert!


Being part of this group has brought me so much joy and great musical experiences through the years. I’m looking forward to celebrating 20 years with you guys. Thanks!