The Pacifiers: The Space Thing

The first Pacifiers comic so generously funded by YOU is done! Starting today, I’ll be posting two strips a week – Tuesdays and Fridays – for the next 13 weeks at Make sure to check in every once in a while, and let us entertain you with:

13 weeks should give me enough time to finish the coloring of the second Kickstarter comic (the third in Pacifiers chronology). Being on parental leave with two small ones, there’s no time for “work”. Yet, I’m 1/3 through the second comic. How you ask? Well, who needs sleep anyway…

Anyway, if everything works out the way I planned, there’ll be Pacifiers comics running continuously for a total of 31 weeks! As I’ve said previously, everything will be delayed. So don’t expect that magazine and your other rewards for Christmas. You’ll get them sometime next year, hopefully during spring. Rest assured you’ll get everything you paid for!

In spite of going through hard times, I truly enjoyed doing this work. The Pacifiers used to be an idea, a concept. Jimmy made it a living breathing thing with his playful scripts. Thanks Jimmy! And let’s not forget my dear friend Alfred who was a key player in making the Kickstarter campaign successful. Thanks Alfred! And most of all, thanks to each one of you who believed in this project and supported it! It would not have been made at all if it wasn’t for you guys. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

All along this journey I had the feeling we’ve been creating something special. This is me giving everything I’ve got as a cartoonist. I hope you like it.

Peace and love

Jimmy & Alfred (and 76% funded)

YIEEHAAA, we just passed 3/4 funding! 4 days to go! With Your help we can still make it! Let’s make it!!

Reaching this milestone, the time has come to present my dear partners in pacifism, Jimmy & Alfred! Without these extraordinary talents, there would be no Pacifiers Comic, and certainly no Kickstarter campaign.

Jimmy Wallin, scriptwriter for The Pacifiers Comic

Jimmy is a versatile cartoonist and scriptwriter. I don’t know how many titles he’s been involved with. I lost count a long time ago. I always thought there was a charming boy room fantasy kind of quality to his cartoons, whether these are zombies, super heroes, cute animals or just about anything. Jimmy has done it all really.

When he started getting more into scripting I noticed his ability to write simple. He doesn’t overcomplicate things, but focus on what’s most important and finds the peculiar, strange and funny in any given concept. The fact that he’s a cartoonist makes things so much easier, since he writes and doodles at the same time, thus leaving lots of room for the artist to have fun. And he doesn’t try to squeeze zillions of details into every panel, a common mistake made by scriptwriters who “think in text”. So I thought Jimmy would be an ideal writer for The Pacifiers, and I’m very happy he said yes!

Alfred Beckman, web master for The Pacifiers Comic


Alfred is the most amazing guy, and a dear friend. He’s creative, curious and one of those rare people who never sees obstacles, only endless possibilities. We worked together on a number of occasions, and it’s always such joy being around someone so full of ideas. What his actual work title is, I’m not really sure. All I know is that his work involves graphic design, web design, film making, programming, communication strategy and probably many other things.

He’s an entrepreneur who likes to jump aboard on an early stage, if the idea is appealing to him. I want to believe this is why he wanted to help us out with The Pacifiers Comic. He’s currently on parental leave with his daughter, so he really doesn’t have the time for this nonsense. But he’s doing it anyway, simply because he thinks it’s fun! Alfred built the innovative Pacifiers web page, he designed the awesome logo, and he contributed with so many ideas in putting the campaign together and telling the world about it.

Here’s some Q&A with Jimmy and Alfred:

Guys, what do you REALLY think about this crazy project? Come on, be honest!

J: – It’s a simple but very appealing concept that gives me the opportunity to goof around.

A: – I think it’s a great example of what you can achieve as long as you don’t take your medication.

What would your dream episode with The Pacifiers be about?

J: – I’m not sure, but I guess it would be set in The Wild West and involve space travels, mutated cyborg monkeys and perhaps some dinosaurs.

A: – The Pacifiers find square eggs, get lost in the Andes and find a land where everything is square, even the bubbles.

Who would you pacify if you could?

J: – Well, Donald Trump of course. But that’s an easy answer. Racists, religious leaders and bullies all deserve to taste the mighty pacifier.

A: – Bankers and real estate brokers who are driving the housing prices through the roof, probably (once more) creating a big square bubble.

Thanks guys for being part of this, making my dream come true!

Peace, love and pacifiers,

If you haven’t done so already, please back our Kickstarter campaign and help us pacify the Bullies of the world! 4 days to go!