The first time Jimmy met Andreas (according to Jimmy)

97% funded, and Jimmy presents: Andreas!

One day to go on this crazy campaign and we’re currently 97% funded! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much! I hope we can push this vessel above that tiny little remaining threshold. See you on the other side!

Until then, here’s Jimmy’s recollection of how the two of us first met. Honestly, I don’t remember half of this, but thank you anyway Jimmy. For everything!

How it all started (according to Jimmy)

I remember when I first met Andreas. No wait, I didn’t meet him at all, I just saw him from a distance. It was at an exhibition during my first year in Malmö back in 2001. Some artists held an exhibition where they displayed some of their original comics artwork. Andreas’s hand was in a bandage and he stood there talking to Gunnar Krantz, one of my teachers at the Comics Art School in Malmö. I was quite shy back then and didn’t have the guts to approach a stranger just because I admired his work. What if he thought I was one of those crazy fan boys? So I just admired his pages, from a distance. Andreas’s part of this exhibition was a couple of pages from the classic Swedish comic book Bamse – The World’s Strongest Bear, a comic that meant a lot to me when I was a kid.

So that’s when I learned about his existence. I knew a couple of artists who shared studio with Andreas for a short while. They told me about his love for the Muppets. That’s when I realized he must be a really nice guy.

The years passed. I became less and less shy. I also became a parent. And since I was a parent, I wanted to be a good one. So I started to read for my son, as any good parent should. I read a lot of books, I read poems and I read comics. The first comic that I ever read for my offspring was an issue of Bamse. He enjoyed it, so I read another, and another. I soon learned that this Qassim-guy was one of the best artists working for this comic. But it still took a couple of years before I got to know him.

The first time we met was when I myself had started a professional career as an artist. Andreas moved into the same studio where I spent most of my days. I wasn’t shy at all when we finally met. On Andreas’s second day in our studio, he approached my desk and said something that sounded exactly like ”Hey, I like your work. We should do a project together sometime”. I don’t even know if he remembers this at all.

But here we are, some 8-9 years later (15 years after the exhibition), and we have finally done a project together. That’s sweet!

Q&A with Andreas

How are you? Now that your first Kickstarter campaign is nearly done?

A: – Exhausted!

What would your dream episode of The Pacifiers be about? 

A: – I have no idea. It’s up to Jimmy these days.

Who would you pacify if you could?

A: – The list is extremely long. But I guess that at the top of it you’d find internet haters, pavement bicyclists and the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

Peace, love and pacifiers

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