That Trailer Voice

That Trailer Voice

If you watched The Pacifiers project video, did you notice that towering trailer voice in the beginning? I tried doing it myself, but I sucked! So I turned to my friend Johan Rünow for some good ol’ quality voice acting.

Johan is a stand-up comedian, designer and filmmaker. Someone technically skilled and funny at the same time, just what I needed! Not only did he record the voice, he helped me polish the project video with some nice filters, making it look better than it actually was. Thanks Johan!

I actually consulted Johan early on in the development of The Pacifiers, brainstorming ideas for episode premises. I particularly remember the Diaper Sniper one. Maybe we’ll get around to making that some day…

Here’s Mr Rünow in action in the closet:


Johan, what do you think of The Pacifiers? Is it funny?

J: – It is! I really like the idea and I’m very excited about upcoming episodes. We live in very dark times and a comic like this is very much needed now.

What would your dream episode with The Pacifiers be about?

J: – I would love to see them taking on as many racists as possible. And web trolls!

Who would you pacify if you could?

J: – Donald Trump and Putin.

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