Tuta och Kör!

Finally here! Jazzmys brand new record Familjen Svängsson, Tuta och kör!

Jazzmys is a jazz act for children, involving both acting and great music in a range of styles, like swing, country, pop etc. It was my old friend Andreas Landegren who asked me if I wanted to illustrate their new record. He plays the character Adde, who plays piano, keyboards and sings in the group. I was very happy to take this particular commission.

Andreas and I used to play music together back in high school (gymnasiet). Since then I’ve remained a hobby musician, while Andreas has developed into quite an extraordinary piano player and composer, performing with people like Lisa Nilsson, Anna-Lotta Larsson and Johan Stengård. Andreas just released his first solo record, Science of Imagination. I can warmly recommend both records.

All images are ⓒ Andreas Qassim.