TL article


I saw that my colleague Hedvig over at posted her article from TL magasinet, so I thought I’d do the same. It’s from TL Magasinet #6/08 earlier this year, the same issue they started publishing the TL at the zoo characters. Note how they’ve misspelled my name. They bothered to learn all this information about me, and got just about everything right but my name. Humor. I hope the size is enough for you guys to read (it’s in Swedish):



By the way, I have now started work on the actual TL at the zoo comic book (I can’t tell you the real name of it just yet), the final challenge of this project. I might post a few samples from the pencils stage later, if the editors’ll let me. I enjoy making a comic book that for once is not Bamse, one in which I’m allowed a much higher degree of creative freedom than what I’ve been used to.

Thank you Hedvig for mentioning my name to the editors at TL. Inshallah it’ll be a career opener.

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