Arab children’s comics once more!

BoB 2010 nr 182 - Arabiska barnserier_s96_small

BoB 2010 nr 182 - Arabiska barnserier_s97_small

A few weeks ago Bild & Bubbla #182 came out containing my first ever written article for the publication. This was the article I wrote in connection to the comics festival “I Seriernas Värld” in November 2009, in which I participated with an exhibition on Arab children’s comics. The article is based on an essay I wrote six years ago while studying Arabic at the University of Lund.

BoB 2010 nr 182 - Arabiska barnserier_s98_small

BoB 2010 nr 182 - Arabiska barnserier_s99_small

The article is 12 pages long, so until I find somewhere to put it in high res, you’ll have to do with just looking at the pictures. Until then, I can recommend Bild & Bubbla, a great magazine covering Swedish as well as international comcis. It’s published by Seriefrämjandet, the national association supporting comics in Sweden. The article is of course in Swedish. If anyone is prepared to pay me, I’ll be happy to translate the article into English. Or even Arabic. It’s a nice article. :)

BoB 2010 nr 182 omslag_small

The main theme of #182 is the 15th and last installment of Valhalla (after 30 years!) by the great great great Danish artist Peter Madsen. So there’s more than one reason to get your hands on Bild & Bubbla #182. To learn how to suscribe to this proud publication, visit the Seriefrämjandet web page.

I Seriernas Värld: Press

Seriefestivalen är över. Det har varit jobbigt, svettigt, uttröttande och alldeles… alldeles underbart kul. Här är en liten sammanställning av iSV-relaterade artiklar som berörde de prylar jag varit involverad i. Jag skulle ha postat dem fortlöpande under festivalens gång, men jag hade lite för mycket att göra. *svälj*

Vårt Malmö nr 9 Okt

Inför Seriemaskeradutställningen med tillhörande workshop på Malmö muséer.


Vimmelreportage i City 2 Nov

Under öppningskvällen av seriemässan på Form- och Designcenter (30/10 – 1/11) fick jag frågan “Vilken seriefigur vill du ha som polare?”


Lunds universitet 11 Nov

Och så den roligaste artikeln för egen del, intervjun som hamnade på förstasidan på Lunds universitets websida:

Uppsats om arabiska barnserier blev utställning

Det skrevs en hel del annat om festivalen också, men inte om mig personligen vad jag vet. Har ni sett nåt som jag missat får ni gärna höra av er. :)

TL article


I saw that my colleague Hedvig over at posted her article from TL magasinet, so I thought I’d do the same. It’s from TL Magasinet #6/08 earlier this year, the same issue they started publishing the TL at the zoo characters. Note how they’ve misspelled my name. They bothered to learn all this information about me, and got just about everything right but my name. Humor. I hope the size is enough for you guys to read (it’s in Swedish):



By the way, I have now started work on the actual TL at the zoo comic book (I can’t tell you the real name of it just yet), the final challenge of this project. I might post a few samples from the pencils stage later, if the editors’ll let me. I enjoy making a comic book that for once is not Bamse, one in which I’m allowed a much higher degree of creative freedom than what I’ve been used to.

Thank you Hedvig for mentioning my name to the editors at TL. Inshallah it’ll be a career opener.