Christmas Jazz


Here’s my latest venture: a poster for a big band christmas concert. As if by coincidence, I happen to play in the band. I’d like to invite everyone in the neighborhood and elsewhere to this event! It will take place in Lund, at LTH:s Kårhus (Gasquesalen i källaren) 25/11 at 4 pm. Welcome!

The bloke posing as a dissatisfied Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer is Bobbe himself (Robin Petersson), the leader of the band. The guys in the sleigh are Ulrika Orre and Per Svensson, the vocal soloists. The ink drawing:


And this is the colored version. The only thing missing is the informational text at the bottom (where, when & how). It will be added by Rudolf… eh, I mean Bobbe.


I’m not completely satisfied with the colors (in particular the tacky airbrush effects), but I’m a bit short on time, and besides I’m doing it for free…